aesica - where the name comes from


Aesica..... is the Roman fort of Great Chesters on Hadrian's Wall

In 2000 I was looking to create an unusual and unique domain name, one that I could also use for self employment. Around that time I had ran along part of Hadrian's Wall finishing near Aesica. Along the Winshield to the East of here the scenery is both beautiful and dramatic. I thought that a Roman name would be not be a bad idea. I'm also from the North, being born at Wallsend, one end of Hadrian's wall.

Aesica is the Roman name of Great Chesters fort, just to the North of Haltwhistle on the River Tyne. Aesica was a small infantry fort placed on the wall to protect a gap in the Winshield ridge along which the wall was built. Today almost the entire line of the defences can be viewed, apart from the north-eastern corner which is obscured by modern farm buildings, and the eastern ramparts which have been levelled by farmers across the ages. Access to Aesica is free and parking is only a short walk away at Cawfields.

Aesica fort plan (source:          Tablet inscription found at Aesica fort         Location of Aesica (map source: Ordnance Survey "get-a-map")

Hadrian's Wall is a World Heritage Site. Hadrian's Wall has been recognised for its international importance as an evocative monument to one of the world's greatest civilisations. Not only is Hadrian's Wall the most important structure built by the Romans in Britain, but it is the best known frontier in the entire Roman Empire. It was constructed  over a period of six years by order of the Emperor Hadrian who came to Britain in AD122. It served its purpose of 'separating the Romans from the Barbarians' for over 250 years. Today, the 73 miles from Wallsend in the East to Bowness in the West are studded with forts, milecastles, temples and turrets. These 2000 year-old remains are brought brilliantly to life by museums, reconstructions and fascinating visitor centres. A new 84 mile National Trail footpath was opened in 2003 along the length of the wall, Hadrian's Wall Path.


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